Entries are now open on Fabian4 - see the links below. Fees are given in the table below. If you have any questions regarding entries, please contact the entries secretary:  bocentries@britishorienteering.org.uk

Closing dates
•    Sunday 12th September first closing date
•    Sunday 26th September late entries, subject to map and start time availability

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Long Distance Race
M/W10 – 16A/B, M/W18 – 21E/L/S, M/W35 – 70L/S, W75, M75L/S, M/W80 – 90.
Novice courses M/W21V, orange, yellow and white.

Saturday start times are 1100 to 1500 hours.

Middle Distance Race
M/W10-16A/B, M/18 – 90. Novice courses orange, yellow and white.

Sunday start times are 1000 to 1300 hours.

Competition classes includes all A, B, L, S and E classes

Novice classes include colour coded classes (orange, yellow and white)

The first fee given is for seniors (M/W21+), the second fee is for juniors (M/W20-) and students (anyone in full time education).

  By 12th Sept By 26th Sept  Novice pre-entry
Long £24.00 / £10.00 £30.00 / £12.50 £12.00 / £5.00
Middle £18.00 / £7.50 £22.50 / £9.00 £9.00 / £3.75


Individual start times
Please note the following regarding start time preferences:
•    Elites – Start times for all competitors in M/W18, 20 and 21 elite classes will be seeded as per the requirements in Appendix A, seeded blocks.  Start time preferences will be ignored subject to the following: An athlete may request a start time in a lower ranked group than that to which they are entitled (e.g., in order to allow for a split start time). They may not request one in a higher ranked group. Please bear this in mind if entering with other non-elites.
•    Split starts – The first person will be allocated a fixed start.  The second person will be allocated an open start. This means that they will have to wait for an open start slot (and meet any seeding requirements.), but we hope that the flexibility provided will be appreciated. However, if any split starter is entering M/W Elite they will be subject to the arrangements for those on M/W Elite as outlined above.
•    Helpers – We would welcome all offers of help. Please still provide a start time preference, which we will attempt to accommodate in conjunction with helping (e.g., if you prefer a late start, we will find an early helping job, and vice versa), and provide you with an allocated start time.
•    Everyone else – Please indicate your start time preference.

Cancellations and refunds
All entries are subject to the British Orienteering Major Events Cancellation, Curtailment and Refund Policy.